Refund Policy

Constant Pressure Sports strives to give our customers the best shopping experience possible. We offer an array of custom team-based products for athletes, coaches, students, parents, and fans to purchase. Please note that some items may have minimum requirements in order to process. Because of this, we may inform you of an item that is no longer available and a refund may be issued. The refund process can up to 10 days. If you haven’t received a refund within 10 business days, please contact your bank/credit card company for further assistance. If there is a concern around our minimum purchase policy, please consult with your program director or coach for further details. In addition CPS refunding orders based on a lack of minimum items being ordered, you may request a refund in the form below. Please note that after stores are closed, refunds are not possible as the custom team order is already being manufactured.

    Reason for requesting a refund

    Shipping Policy

    The ability to order custom apparel from a team store is a newer concept in the world of team-based sports. When ordering through a team store please be aware that you are part of a bulk purchase being made with other parents, athletes, coaches, etc. This allows the costs to be kept down. Upon logging into your team’s store, you should see a completion date for this store. When the store closes, there will be a 25 business day processing period before your order will be shipped. Keep in mind that all of our team store opening and closing dates are to ensure you receive your apparel in a timely manner

    Example: If your store closes on October 18th, you can expect deliveries by November 27th – December 11th.

    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by navigating to our contact us area or opening a support ticket via an online chat conversation.